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Ace Hotel Shoreditch

A modern hotel for creative bohemians

Ace Hotel Shoreditch

100 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JQ
+44 20 7613 9800

Ace Hotel Shoreditch is located in one of the cities hottest neighborhoods, although it has not always been that way and memories of Shoreditch’s criminal past are still fresh in the minds of the locals. Today it is populated by creative bohemians and has been gentrified by an influx of galleries, restaurants, theaters and fashionable thrift markets. It’s a different kind of London, far from its traditional snobbish image and that’s what makes the area even more attractive.

Ace Hotel fits right in. Vintage furniture, contemporary art, oak desks and vinyl turntables – creative people will definitely feel at home here. Don’t be put off by the staff’s alternative looks, they handle every issue in a timely, professional manner.  There is a photo-booth on the ground floor, just like in Ace’s NYC outpost, so you can easily capture the moment with the appropriate #moodoftheday hashtag. We suggest you do so after a strong espresso in the local bar, where each portion of coffee beans is packaged separately to ensure the ultimate freshness and flavor.

In the lobby you will run into ultra fashionable local hipsters typing away on their laptops. Even the luggage passing you by is eclectic here, so don’t expect anything traditional. However if you are into all things trendy, creative and off the beaten path, this is the place for you.

The simplest Standard room is best for one person, as the small space and narrow bed would feel cramped if two people tried to stay there. For couples Deluxe and Superior and our favorite Ace Suite are ideal. By the way it’s a great location for a photo-shoot. They are a dime a dozen here, so don’t be surprised by stylists running up and down the corridors. If you want some peace and quiet request a room in the furthest wing with windows facing the courtyard. In the summer there is a roof terrace with a great view of the city.

Need to know: On Fridays there is always a party going on at the bar and the loud music can be heard in many rooms. You have a choice of joining the party or asking for a room as far away from the festivities as possible.

Daily rate starts at £171, including Wi-Fi.

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