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Laffa Laffa

Middle Eastern street food in the center of Moscow

Laffa Laffa

Malaya Bronnaya street 4, Moscow
+7 (495) 975-55-45
Mon-Sun 11:00–00:00
Cost: 500–1000 руб

This cozy cafe near Patriarch's Ponds will come as a delight to fans of Middle Eastern street food. "Laffa" is a thin flatbread popular in Middle Eastern cuisine and used to wrap shawarmas, one of Laffa Laffa's mouth-watering specialties. Here they prepare shawarmas the traditional way, i.e. over hot coals. The chefs (including head chef Basem Zain) are all from Lebanon, so authenticity is guaranteed, as they say.

Lika Lewin, the project's creator, has spent the past 15 years splitting her time between Switzerland, London, and Moscow. She adores Middle Eastern cuisine and is committed to kicking off a new gastronomic trend in Moscow.

The entrance to Laffa Laffa is through an archway covered in graffiti, like in the most trendy neighborhoods in Berlin. Inside, the graffiti is accompanied by modernist light fixtures, and in general the mood is very eclectic.

We recommend: Lamb or kosher chicken shawarma, vegetable appetizers, and delicious Middle Eastern coffee brewed in sand.

Cuisine: Middle Eastern

Atmosphere: artsy/gourmet/street food

The crowd: Patriarch's Ponds locals, well-known trendsetters, journalists, and expats

Key info: A second Laffa Laffa has opened on Neglinnaya street.

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