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Cafe Tagine

“Slow Life” and Contemporary Moroccan Cuisine in Moscow

Cafe Tagine

Trubnaya Street 15, Moscow
+7 919 764-44-40
Mon-Sun: 11:00–23:00
Cost: 1500 rub.

Tagine – a contemporary Moroccan café located near Tsvetnoy Boulevard area. The chef used his own, somewhat European approach on authentic Moroccan dishes. Morocco is a unique country that absorbed many traditions, transformed them and came out as a cross between Africa, Middle East and Europe. As Tagine’s founders say “It’s not pure Orient – it’s an idea of what the Orient is.”

Sundukov sisters, well-known Moscow designers with the help of a famous Belgian designer Valerie Barkowski worked on the restaurant’s interior. Valerie has been living in Morocco for 25 years and knows how to combine authentic Oriental and contemporary Western elements. Textiles, tableware and many other objects were brought directly from Marrakech. However, the interior is not overloaded, it has lots of air and a bit of freedom. Eclecticism in décor is barely visible, there's no oriental “riot of colors.” Each detail at Tagine communicates a concept of slow life: live here and now, enjoy every moment!

Tagine’s dishes are made up from a delicate balance of spices and cooked in a special pot. “Tagine” is a term for an earthenware pot in which the food is stewed, saving all the healthy properties of a product, while spices, especially cumin, transform the taste beyond recognition. It’s definitely a new “it” place for healthy food lovers and vegetarians. There are many vegetable-based options seasoned with olive and argan oil and a lot of greens, nuts and dried fruits.

We recommend: meze, thin tortilla with squids and tomatoes, roasted chickpeas with cumin. And, of course, dishes cooked in a tagine: chicken with olives and pickled lemon, classic tagine with lamb or cod, and most importantly, don’t forget about couscous. Try date roll with pistachios for dessert.

Cuisine: Moroccan / original.

Atmosphere: relaxed.

Crowd: gourmet food lovers and creative minds.

Key info: Try signature lemonades with almond milk and some good Moroccan wines.

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