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fish restaurant with decent prices by Alexander Rappoport in Moscow


2/1 Kutuzovsky prospect, build. 6, Moscow
+ 7 (495) 785-02-22
Mon-Sun 12:00–1:00
Cost: 2,000 rubles

If asked where in Moscow one can enjoy fresh seafood at affordable prices, there is now a definite answer: at Erwin, relaunched by restaurateur Alexander Rappoport. Staying true to the concept of fair pricing, interesting menu and esthete’s approach in interior design, Rappoport put the rest of Moscow seafood places to shame (which are few to begin with, anyway). That is not surprising, with selection of fish and shellfish from 25 Russian rivers and several seas. Almost all the fancy stuff on the menu comes from Russian sources and it’s a kind of a statement.

Originally, Erwin aimed to be a different type of restaurant, with higher prices and a classic menu. But it didn’t work out. Alexander Rappoport made some changes in the interior design, turning it into a sea theme. There’s more light now and fewer brutal elements. Apart from the large restaurant space that can sit 230 people, there’s an oyster bar and a caviar bar. Theses bars are perfect if you want to just drop by for fresh oysters and a glass of white wine.

The highlight of the menu is the encyclopedic section entitled “Crabs, Crayfish and Shrimps.” There are more than thirty positions here: snow crabs and king crabs from Kamchatka peninsula, Sevan lake crayfish cooked in beer, or done in “Rostov” or “Louisiana” style. The selection of shrimps and prawns will surprise even an experienced gourmand, there are Argentine species from warm Atlantic waters, dock shrimps from cold waters of northern seas, sweet humpback and Bering shrimps, etc.

We recommend: nelma fish tar-tar with sea-buckthorn press cake; salmon sashimi seared with oil, Murmansk scallop carpaccio, mussels in coconut milk with lime and cilantro; grilled Antarctic langoustines; spelt wheat with crab.  

Cuisine: seafood/fish.

Atmosphere: lively/trendy

Crowd: white collar workers, foodies, creative minds, expats.

Key Info: before going to the restaurant, newbies better learn by heart the names or even google the following dishes: “Sosva herring with spices from Berezovo village, which is located on Sosva river, tributary of Ob”, “house made cold-smoked Baikal omul”, or “Arkhangelsk tooth fish better known as Chili seabass.”

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