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Kitaiskaya Gramota. Food and Drinks

contemporary Chinese cuisine from Alexander Rappoport

Kitaiskaya Gramota. Food and Drinks

Sretenka 1, Moscow
+7 (495) 625-47-57
Mon-Sun 12:00–00:00
Cost: 1500 руб

Lawyer and restauranteur Alexander Rappoport's first independent project is also the first restaurant in Moscow to serve contemporary Chinese food. Chef Zhang Syanchen, an expert in Guangzhou cuisine, one of the best-known culinary traditions in Canton, specializes in preparing classic dishes with an original, modern touch.

The space is divided into three sections. A bar surrounded by high stools occupies the center of the room; the tables are arranged along the walls, which are made of glass and decorated with little, antique statues. Brilliantly colored vases of various shapes and sizes add a delightful visual flourish, as do massive shelves filled with artifacts from Rappoport's private collection, including contemporary artworks and antique statues from China. Some are hundreds of years old.

You'll be pleasantly surprised by the prices, which, given the interior and the quality of the food, are reasonable to say the least. Mr. Rappoport is sure to win plaudits for Kitaiskaya Gramota's winning concept, tasteful design, and first-rate execution.

We recommend: A dish called "Gus-Gus," made from two types of goose meat; beef with caramelized carrots; baked eggplant salad; and their fabulous crab in oyster sauce. Dim sum wrapped in thin rice-noodle rolls is also good.

Cuisine: contemporary Chinese.

Atmosphere: trendy/eclectic.

The crowd: a wide spectrum of Moscow society, media people, gourmands, esthetes, contemporary art collectors, and intellectuals.

Key info: Expect fun, international evenings in an eclectic setting at the bar.

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