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Julia & Alice Ruban

talented RUBAN sisters

Julia Ruban

Correas on Bolshaya Gruzinskaya is my most favorite place in Moscow. They even recognize my voice when I call to order take away. We have our family breakfasts and dinners quite often here. The restaurant serves delicious food and has a very Italian family atmosphere. I strongly recommend trying teriyaki chicken wrap, caramel porridge with cinnamon and banana, and a banana cake. Cappuccino here is a true miracle, I have it as a dessert because a banana cake is only for special occasions.

I live in Krasnaya Presnia and I am totally in love with the area. The area has its special energy, and that’s why I enjoy walking in this neighbourhood. I spend my Sundays in the church listening to the choir and clearing my mind. You can also sit in the sun in the church’s courtyard and then go down the slope and reach Correas, where you can get your cappuccino.

I have a special relationship with Kamergerskiy Pereulok. My sister Alisa was working here in Glamour magazine for 5 years and I used to spend a lot of time with her. Throughout the years I have developed a good relationship with Glamour's team and with the wonderful area. Having lunch with fashion editors, discovering new cafes, meeting people at summer terraces. Now I come to Kamergerskiy and Kuznetskiy most for work. The best pasta and pizza around are in Academia. Moloko café has the best late, chicken noodles with pesto and chicken cutlets served with mashed potatoes- just like in my childhood times. If you want to relax on a sunny day and observe fashion editors, who are rushing to have lunch or a photo shoot, or just stylish Moscow crowd, all the terrace restaurants in the area are great.

Kamergerskiy pereulok and Stoleshnikov are two places next to each other, however, so different in spirit. Why is Stoleshnikov so important for me? First of all- Simachev Bar where I spent my best party days. It would get so full by 12 am that it would be hard to get through the crowd. I knew everyone there. Today Simachev bar for me is not only a business meeting place but a hotspot for celebrities. Although barmen are very generous with cocktails, I prefer dry white wine. If you happen to be in Simachev bar, try a spicy Thai soup for starter and chicken burger with wholegrain bread for the main.

Alisa Ruban 

For sunday breakfast you can find me in cafe Academia on Bronnaya street. Breakfasts here are until 15:00 so there is no hurry to get up early. My favorite coffee here is decaf Late and my breakfast pick is fried eggs on toast. Or get Breakfast N5, which has freshly-baked pastries, red caviar, raw salmon and a glass of champagne. 

Osteria Guiseppe is a spring/summer hotspot in Moscow, like it for lunch. They have a cozy terrace. Everything here is simply delicious. They have the best oysters, mozzarella with tomatoes and bruschetta. 

Also visit Receptor restaurant which has a mixture of Korean, Japanese and European dishes. Spicy Kimchitige soup, spicy prawn rolls, homemade mors and assortment of Korean pickles are must-try here. 

Dinner: One of my favourite restaurants for dinner is Meat&Fish located on the 3rd floor of Afimol shopping center. It has a great selection of fresh meat and fish, burgers are even better than in U.S, extensive wine menu and always-fresh vegetables.

Lenkom is my favourite theatre. All performances here are great. I am very old school when it comes to going to the theatre. I would never wear jeans. That’s why a visit to the theatre is not a spontaneous decision but a carefully planned event.

I live 2 minutes away from the Serebrianny bor. It’s like a mini-paradise, not too far from the city center. You can go on a pleasant walk or a bicycle ride. Several beautiful ponds,  a forest and peaceful silence. The main advantage is that you don’t need to stress in traffic to get here.

Izmailovsky market has a lot of vintage things from the Soviet times and antique furniture. You can find old musical notes, unusual candleholders and armchairs. All the merchants here are nice and welcoming people, easy to talk to. I borrowed antique furniture from them for my shoots a few times.