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The Library

A password-only speakeasy bar

The Library

39 Campbell Ln, Singapore 209911
+65 6297 7969
Mon-Sat 19:00 - 1:00
Sun 19:00 - 0:00
Cost: $25+

Behind the nondescript name hides an “illegal” bar with interesting cocktails, amazing food, and a legendary staff. The Library is more than simply concealed from prying eyes; the entrance actually moves!

Sometimes it’s in a courtyard, other times it’s on the street or even in a bathroom. Even regulars have been known to walk right past it. You’ll also need to know the password, which changes every month. Ask the barman next door; if he likes you, he’ll spill the beans. Strangely enough, the bar sometimes posts the password on its Facebook page.

The Library is known for its absurdly entertaining cocktail presentations. Our favorite is a tiny bathtub with a rubber ducky floating in it.

FYI: It’s almost always loud and rowdy here, and there’s never a free table. So if you’re looking to have heart-to-heart over slowly sipped cocktails, head to D.Bespoke.

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