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RossoSegnale Hotel

B&B in style

RossoSegnale Hotel

Via Antonio Sacchini 18, 20131 Milano
+39 02 2952 7453

Tucked away in an early 19th century building, the RossoSegnale was a real find for us. It's very much a concept hotel, with antique furniture, a homey atmosphere, and a distinct personality. Every room has a special history, name, and design, not to mention a large balcony perfect for reading and sipping coffee in the summertime.

RossoSegnale also houses the 3001 LAB art gallery, specializing in young, contemporary artists, a library, and a dining room where guests can gather and dine like a big, Italian family. The small courtyard behind the hotel contains a garden that's open to breakfasters in the summer.

Rooms start at 120 euros — a pleasant surprise — and the hotel offers many free amenities, including Wi-Fi in the rooms, fax machines, copiers, and printers. But the most wonderful thing to do here is lie on the roof and catch the first rays of the morning sun.

Hotel guests can relax in the roof terrace, taking a sunbath, reading into the studio or get fit in the gym inside  "danish" cabins in the garden.

The price of the room is 180 EUR per night.


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