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Olga Karput

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Olga Karput is the founder of the concept store and cafe "Kuznetskiy Most 20". You can rarely spot her in the social pages, her social life is limited to a few friendly places. Nonetheless, she is well known for her brilliant choice of looks and brands that are constantly monitored in her store. Her choice is always acute, trendy and original. That's why it was interesting for us to find out about her passions and glimpse at her everyday life. 


Café “KM20” is my favourite place for a hearty and healthy brunch. It has an all-day breakfast menu, which keeps you energetic throughout the day. If it’s your first time here, I recommend you to order granola (indicated as “Healthy KM20 breakfast” in the menu), tuna sandwich, intricate okroshka and mushroom pie.

If I’m not in the store, I enjoy going to “Semifredo” for lunch.   It offers the best meat tartar in town. Aubergines with parmesan sauce taste perfect with a glass of red wine. There is a great option for a light snack, especially, if you are going for a hearty dinner later.

For dinner I would go to a new place of  Alexander Oganezov and Natasha Goldenberg – Zupperia. It is a great summer alternative to expensive and pretensions places. Natasha won’t give a bad advice: the concept and quality of the food is above all praise here. Plus the restaurant has a very convenient location, not too far from my place on Tsvetnoy Bulvar.


The KM20 store is gradually being filled with the best, in my opinion, souvenirs in town. Pleasing overseas visitors doesn’t necessarily mean going to Arbat or designer stores that exploit Russian folk theme. For example, “Rocket” watch from KM20 can be an original, and most importantly, useful gift with an interesting history behind it. Soon you will be able to acquire our unique sets created in collaboration with Heart of Moscow: t-shirts, backpacks and puzzles with images of Lego-variations on a theme of utopian architectural projects of the Soviet Union. Stella Aminova’s shop Five Kids Story is a magical kingdom and, no kidding, the first full-fledged conceptual space for the very appreciative audience - children. "Adult" clothes, smart toys and hair salon, no baby talk and princess games. 


With such a boom for amelioration of urban space, we still lack places to go for a walk without the hustle, equally tasteless sandwiches and soft drinks. At the moment there are active works on beautification of the "Hermitage" gardens, where our team is also involved. Let's see what will come out of this. Unfortunately, the process is not moving at the right pace, but we are doing our best to improve this.

I’m not a big fan of countryside landmarks - family trips to the Spanish island of Ibiza are more than enough for me to fully enjoy the pleasures of fresh air and almost perpetual summer. Therefore, if I go for a walk in Moscow, I prefer the old routes. In this sense, I am very conservative and cosmopolitan.


My discovery of the year is the hair-master Sveta Alpatova in Tony & Guy. Now I do all my hair manipulations here. If you need a little face lifting after a rough vacation, go straight to Jean Louis David on Komsomolskiy Prospect. Facials from Olga Jafar are the best in the world.


I like “Pobeda” gallery. In my opinion, this is the most fashionable gallery in Moscow with the most beautiful representatives. The new space in "Manege”, proposed and successfully developed by Marina Lochak, is another favourite. The fact that now there is an exhibition of Alexander Brodsky, an architect KM20, makes this place a ‘must-visit’ destination. "Teatr Natsiy" is my pleasant discovery - great repertoire and progressive staff. It is common knowledge that latecomers are not very welcomed, but the situations are different, and boos and usher can be very frustrating for the visitors. In this theater coming late is not an issue. You will be greeted politely, get seated and catch a charming goodbye smile.