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Ilya Stewart

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Ilya Stewart, our new born insider is a graduate of Goldsmiths University in London, a young talented producer and co-founder of Hype Production, who makes commercials for large companies and music videos. Ilya told us about his favorite places in Moscow, and we verify the route!


Luckily, my office is located in the best possible neighborhood for restaurants. This is very convenient, since I don’t know how to cook. I usually try to start my day with porridge and yoghurt in the Coffeemania on Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya. Mari Vanna probably has the best sirniki in Moscow, and is perfect for 10am meetings, when Uilliams is still closed. Breakfast is an extremely important and productive part of my day, so another interesting and recently opened alternative on Malaya Nikitskaya is a place called just that: “Breakfast”. Especially when the day starts late, as breakfast is served until night.

Although, Uilliams is an absolute must for lunch, with their legendary crab bruschetta and mozzarella and artichokes. 

There are more and more great places for dinner popping up in the city. This summer Oyster Bar has been a real hit, because of the atmosphere there and it’s location right on the pond of Gorkiy Park. The menu has gotten better and better, and this is really a no-brainer on a warm evening. Then there is the closed bar Chainaya, right on Belorusskaya. The only way to get there is to either know somebody inside, or call them in advance and try your luck. A truly closed and intimate bar, one of it’s kind, with fantastic Asian cuisine, cooked right in front of you.

The Kisa bar is my place of choice for drinks. And if you haven’t seen the weekend show in Fantomas, you haven’t seen Moscow nightlife.


Was extremely impressed by the renovated Gogol Center, and this became one of the most important destinations in the city ever since Mr. Serebrennikov got behind the steering wheel. Besides the actual space being absolutely revamped and rebranded, the content consists of some of the finest productions Russian modern theatre has to offer. The EastSide Gallery in Proekt Fabrika is another recently opened art space which really stands out, and in both it's innovative approach and the exhibition that it carries.


I try to catch a film any evening I can, especially since the amazingly modern Pioner opened it's doors on Kutuzovskiy. The Pioner Cinema mixes recent box-office hits and older classics for the thinking crowd - the best part of this being that they often show films in English, with subtitles of course. The only possible downside of this, is the lack of popcorn. But, if you manage to hit all the restaurants mentioned earlier, you realize this is a good thing. 

Spending time outside in Moscow is tough, especially with an unpredictable schedule. In the city, I try to stay around the Patriki area, as I enjoy the vibe and cafes there. Although most my weekends I try to spend out of town. The area around Nikolina Gora is great for fresh air, sports and the café there is great for some typical out of town food, something reminiscent of your childhood. I always try to stay active, even when I’m not in the city. So if it’s not the gym, it’s my bike around those hilly areas.