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conceptual theater


Moscow, Bolshoy Kozihinskiy pereulok 30
+7 (495) 258-55-65
Mon-Fri 10:00–20:00
Sat-Sun 13:00–20:00

Having realized more than 50 successful projects in the last 7 years, Praktika Theatre is the most conceptual of all the theaters in Moscow. Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Alexander Mamut has always supported young talents, who encourage the viewer to take a different perspective on the world. It is on the stage, here and now, that we re-evaluate many things. There are many important questions that the theater addresses through its shows - social, political, religious, of international relations and Russian artistic traditions.
Praktika is the first theatre to showcase the works of leading play writers such as Yury Klavdiev, Victoria Nikifirova, Michael Durnenkov, Sergey Medvedev and Igor Simonov. In its repertoire you can also find dramas based on the famous texts by German Grekov, Linor Goralik, Alexandra Gelman, Natalie Moshina, Pavla Priagko, Alexandra Solgenicina, Vladimir Sorokina, Mark Ravenhil, Anna Yablonskaya and others. Praktika's audience are mainly students, businessmen, actors, and neighbours.

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