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Guggenheim Museum

World's largest collections of contemporary art

Guggenheim Museum

1071 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10128
+1 212-423-3500
Mon, Wed-Fr, Sun 10:00–17:30
Tue-Sat 10:00–20:00

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum has one of the world's largest collections of contemporary art. Its history goes way back to 1937, when the Guggenheim Foundation was established. It's impossible to walk by without noticing the museum's spectacular, spiral home, created by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who designed 800 buildings and built about 400 in his over 70-year career. In this case, he decided to break from convention, inviting visitors to take an elevator to the top floor and descend along a long, spiral ramp, where the exhibitions are located.

Construction began in 1943 and was completed in 1959, an event neither Guggenheim nor Wright lived to see. Today the building is considered a masterpiece of 20th century architecture. The museum's collection is also world-famous.