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omakase-only sushi spot in East Village


130 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009
+1 (212) 228-1010
Mon-Sat 17:30-23:00
Cost: $65–85

This small (only 12 seats), simple Japanese restaurant serves exclusively omakase meals. "Omakase" is a Japanese expression that means, roughly, "I'll leave it to you." In this case, the choice is up to chef Norihiro Ishizuka, who happens to be about 70 years old. With a fixed smile, he greets every guest and prepares the food before their eyes. He's so cheerful and full of positive energy – you'll wish you could see such happy person every day.

Kura doesn't have a menu. Instead, you choose one of three sets – for $65, $85, or $105 – which come with sushi, soup, an appetizer, and a desert. Naturally, the chef decides what to serve. Just as importantly, the sets are completely different. So if you're in a company of three, we recommend ordering one of each for a real gastro-holiday. Each includes between 10 and 16 dishes, so even the $65 option is plenty of food.

Don't worry about getting the same thing twice, since the offerings change constantly. A new omakase with new, seasonal ingredients awaits every time.

Cuisine: Japanese/original.

Atmosphere: relaxed.

The crowd: gourmands.

Key info: Reserve a table in advance.

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