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Al Mercato Ristorante & Burger Bar

high cuisine with a simple appearance

Al Mercato Ristorante & Burger Bar

Via Sant'Eufemia, 16, 20122 Milano
+39 02 8723 7167
Mon-Sat 12:30–15:00, 20:00–24:00
€60–70 restaurant
€10–20 burger bar

This small gastronomic restaurant with an open kitchen and several tables was founded by Eugenio Roncoroni. Raised in a multicultural family (his mother is from California, while his father is from Milan) and having traveled extensively, Eugenio has worked in several of the world's best restaurants. When he returned to Milan, he decided to give his own answer to the world of «high cuisine» with his talented colleague, Baniamino Nespor.

Here you'll find an informal hipster atmosphere with a simple interior, where the walls are decorated with flowers. The burger bar, located to the right of the entrance, is a nod to the best traditions in street food.

Forget about healthy eating: juicy burgers and cheeseballs are a total departure from all that. And the prices are quite reasonable. On the other side there's a small restaurant with what would seem to be traditional cuisine, but with a chef's perspective. The menu is exquisite and simple at the same time, but the prices are already in another range. You can order a set of six dishes for 69 euro.

We recommend: For lunch, the excellent tar-tar from meat and fish. For dinner, the taglioni with calimari, saffron and lemon or the risotto with smoked eel. The grilled octopus is also good.

If you suddenly find yourself in the burger bar, savor the moment for all of us here: the burgers with tender meat and crunchy buns are simply amazing! But beware, your fingers will be soaked in the juices.

Cuisine: Italian-American cooking with the chef's creative touch.

Atmosphere: Hipster.

The crowdt: Designers, intelligent hipsters, artists, American friends of the chef on vacation.

Key info: Reservations are not accepted, if you really want to get in here at night, it's best to come at 19.30. 

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