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Tate Modern

Modern and contemporary art from 1900 to the present

Tate Modern

Bankside, London SE1 9TG
+44 20 7887 8888
Mon-Sun 10:00-18:00

One of London's most popular galleries, the Tate Modern houses modern and contemporary art from 1900 to the present. The gallery's collection is organized by artistic movements and styles. The collection includes works by Dali, Magritte, Miro, Picasso, Mondrian, Matisse, and others. Pop art is represented by Warhol and Lichtenstein, abstract impressionism by Pollock and Rothko, and minimalism and conceptualism by Carl Andre, Donald Judd, and Joseph Beuys.

Key info: Coffee, light snacks and drinks are served on the third floor, and there's a restaurant with a wonderful view on the sixth floor.

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