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Masha Kirsanova

a girl with a sparkling personality

She's not just a girl with a sparkling personality and a unique look; Masha Kirsanova is a professional model and a true beauty, in every sense. For the past seven years, she has been scaling the most dizzying of heights in the haute couture industry. She's landed the covers of leading magazines and campaigns for the likes of Armani, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs. We met up with Masha to find out how she finds the time for it all, and to take down some of her favorite addresses.

I have been practicing vedic eating for the last three months and this has really limited my options in terms of cafés and restaurants. Among my favorites for vegetarian spots are Jagannath on Kuznetsky Most Street; I love their Napoleon cake and their lacto-vegetarian desserts, as well as Fresh, with their delicious smoothies and the best pumpkin soup in town. It's great to grab a bite after NYM Yoga classes at their bar, and to spoil myself with macarons and drinks at Bubble Tea in the Kitay Gorod neighborhood.


Of course, it's best to shop abroad, at Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Century 21 in New York. But in Moscow, I like Tsvetnoy, TSUM and the cozy Physika on Tverskaya - they carry a wide selection of clothing from exclusive brands.

It's a stretch to call me a theatergoer, but I do get out to the Praktika theater to Ivan Vyrypaev's shows or to the Young Italy festival at the Theatrical Center on the Strastnoy Boulevard. I truly enjoy Troika Multispace exhibits.

In the summer, I enjoy walks with friends on the boulevards, the Old Arbat, and the Patriarch's Pond.
I have a list of favorite places to dance and Solyanka is one of them. Especially their Capital Bass and Love Boat parties! Of course, the wonderful Denis Simachev Shop & bar, we dance there until we pass out. Strelka is ten minutes from home and is the best place for dancing at sunrise.

The best place for reaching harmony is the NYM Yoga studio. On weekdays, I adore roller skating in Gorky Park, and on weekends, Neskuchny Garden, there enjoying the birdsong and the gorgeous surroundings. I love to have lemonade, cider or sangria from 32.05, on the lawn in the Hermitage Garden. Oh, and movies at Pioneer Cinema or 35mm.