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Cavalli e Nastri in Brera

vintage clothing store

Cavalli e Nastri in Brera

Via Brera, 2, Milano
+39 02 7200 0449
Mon 14:30–19:30
Tue-Sat 10:30–19:30

Cavalli e Nastri has three vintage clothing stores. We kick off our review in their boutique at via Brera, 2, which has been in the same spot for 20 years.

The shop has dresses, handbags and jewelry from the 1950s through today. The owner, Bibo, scours clothing racks around the world to find unique pieces to stock. Besides clothing and jewelry for special occasions, you can also find fun and playful accessories for everyday wear here. 

Brands: Chanel, Hermes, Balenciaga, Lanvin and others. In September, Cavalli e Nastri  opened a new site to shop online.

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