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members only


44 Berkeley Square, London
+44 20 7629 1096
Mon-Sat 8:00 pm – 3:00 am
Sunday closed

Annabel’s is a traditional members' club located right in the heart of London, with a 50-year history. The club members are people of varying ages with a true taste for cosmopolitan elegance.

Membership is a privilege here, as Annabel’s only opens its doors for successful applicants who have been put forward by already existing members. Nonetheless, once you are in, you can enjoy the timeless combination of comfort and style, incredibly meticulous and attentive service and authentic gourmet cuisine. There is a private room with just 22 seats, an open fire and butler service. It has a very cosy and intimate atmosphere, perfect for 'stock and bonds' discussions and social gossiping. 

Good to know: it's a members' club. But if don't hold membership, you can always ask your lucky friends who have to grant you access.

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