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Rosenfeld Porcini

by Ian Rosenfeld and Dario Porcini

Rosenfeld Porcini

37 Rathbone Street, London
+44 20 7637 1133
Tue– Sat 11:00am–7:00pm

Rosenfeld Porcini is a cozy 2-storey gallery located in the heart of the dynamic gallery district of London’s Fitzrovia. Surrounded by many other galleries, it has its own strong voice in the local art community. Founded in June 2011 by Ian Rosenfeld and Dario Porcini, directors of Italy’s Galleria Napoli Nobilissima, Rosenfeld Porcini has a strong international outlook committed to showing contemporary artists from around the world, and draws upon the distinct yet complimentary backgrounds and expertise of the gallery’s two directors with an innovative exhibition programme. 

The gallery has a very cozy space with an Italian touch.

Artists: Roberto Almagno, Mar Arza, Andreas Blank, Enrique Brinkmann, Leonardo Drew, Eduardo Stupia, Rossana Zaera, Bogdan Vladuta, Julien Spianti.

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