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Kasmin Gallery

Kasmin’s new gallery and rooftop sculpture garden in Chelsea

Kasmin Gallery

509 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001
+ 1 212-563-4474
вт-сб 10:00–18:00

news: New York’s Kasmin Gallery, has opened its fourth Chelsea location featuring a column-free exhibition space, 28 skylights, and a rooftop sculpture garden situated alongside The Highline. To inaugurate the space, Walton Ford is presenting a body of new work that culminates after an 18-year research project by the artist on the Barbary lion.

Ford and Kasmin have a decades-long gallerist-artist relationship that makes him a fitting choice to break in the new space. It's a fresh start not only in terms of a new flagship, but in other ways as well. With the new exhibition space comes a name change (shortened from its previous moniker, Paul Kasmin Gallery) and a shift in programming that moves away from shorter shows toward longer museum-length exhibitions.

about: Kasmin Gallery works with the best contemporary artists, consistently attracting new talents and delighting visitors with one-man shows and interesting projects. You'll encounter legends like Brancusi and Andy Warhol, as well as well-respected young artists such as Turkish painter Taner Ceylan.

To their credit, the gallery's leanings are strikingly international. Whether you're into photography, sculpture, or experimental painting, there's something for everybody. The gallery is also very active in publishing and public art.

FYI: The gallery's two other locations are at 515 West 27th Street and 297 10th Avenue. Entrance is free.

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