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Burnt Ends

Australian-style barbecue restaurant in Singapore’s Chinatown

Burnt Ends

20 Teck Lim Rd, Singapore 088391
+65 6224 3933
Tue-Thur 18:00–0:00
Fr-Sat 11:45–14:00, 18:00–0:00
Sun closed
Mon closed
Cost: $50+

Located at Teck Lim Road (a short walk away from Singapore’s Chinatown), it is a modern Australian barbecue restaurant which is famous for its open-concept kitchen with custom-made grills and oven fired by coal, apple or almond wood. The food is marvellous — comforting, delicious, and featuring the very best ingredients. From fresh seafood to juicy roast meat its extensive menu is reflective of the restaurant’s efforts to cater to every palate.

Chef Dave Pynt (backed by Loh Lip Peng and Chef Andre Chiang) customised all these machines, ovens and grills where food can be smoked, roasted, or even cooked directly on coals to 700 degree Celsius. Go for the dining counter, which seats slightly more than 10, where you can watch the live kichen action as food is fired by apple and almond wood in a four-tonne oven.

Cuisine: Australian/modern barbecue.

We recommend: Onglet Steak, Grissini Taramasalata, Steak Tartar, Sea Urchin Toast, Bahn Mi Burger, King Crab and Garlic Brown Butter.

Atmosphere: cool.

Crowd: foodies, designers, expats, travellers.

Key info: Meat is what they do best.

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