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Employees Only Singapore

Signature craft cocktails and bespoke service on Amoy Street

Employees Only Singapore

112 Amoy Street, Singapore 069932
+65 6221 7357
Mon-Fr 17:00–1:00
Sat 17:00–2:00
Sun 18:00–1:00
Cost: $50+

In 2016, Employees Only debuted its second outpost in Singapore, joining a flourishing dining scene and beloved cocktail community in the tropical city-state. The drinks are well-made, and their Manhattan with Bulleit rye is hard to beat. More inventive concoctions include the rum-based Hi-Octane–rinsed with Laphroaig 10 Year Old single malt whiskey–and the Geoff Belle, made with white whiskey and pureed red bell peppers.

Founding partner Igor Hadzismajlovic heads the day-to-day operations, giving patrons a transformative experience–melding dive bar conviviality with the exacting standards of a mixologist–that’s especially welcome for homesick New Yorkers.

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