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Little India

An authentic neighborhood surrounded by skyscrapers

Little India

Little India, Singapore

Prepare for sensory overload in Little India, an ethnic enclave brimming with Indian spices, authentic shops selling handmade goods, tons of restaurants, and eateries serving fragrant vegetarian food. This being Singapore, a cultural melting pot, Hindu shrines stand side-by-side with Muslim mosques, Chinese pagodas, and Christian churches. 

Lovers of Indian culture will have no trouble getting “lost” at the Mustafa Center, a 24-hour mall where you can buy absolutely everything from Indian groceries to designer clothes. Immerse yourself further at the Tekka Center, which boasts a famous market and an astonishing selection of fresh seafood (the Sri Lankan crab is a stand-out).

It’s the perfect place to experience Indian culture and buy spices, sweets and Ayurveda cosmetics. Foodies will not be disappointed. Try the spiced milk tea, Indian bread (roti and naan—with or without toppings), tandoori, mango lassi, garlic shrimp, and fantastic fish curry. Push yourself, taste something new, and get inspired!

FYI: The best time to visit Little India is during one of two national holidays: Pongal (the harvest festival, usually in January-February) and Deepavali (the festival of lights, typically falling in October or early November.)

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