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A classic bar inspired by “The Great Gatsby” in the Gotham Building


Parkview Square, 600 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188778
+65 6396 4466
Mon-Thur 10:00–1:00
Fr 10:00–2:00
Sat 15:00–0:00
Cost: $50+

Visiting Atlas Bar, located in Singapore’s incredible Gotham Building, is like going back in time. The bar’s interior, with its elaborately carved, vaulted ceilings and bronze balconies, brings to mind an old-school museum. A hidden gem in a city of eclectic surprises, Atlas Bar will give you an aesthetic rush like nowhere else in Singapore.

During the day, Atlas Bar serves coffee, local desserts and European food. But when the sun goes down, it transforms into a swanky nightspot—note the dress code!—where delicious aperitifs flow like water. Don’t show up in shorts or a T-shirt, or you may be turned away at the door.

Towards nightfall, revelers eager to sip a digestif in Gatsby-esque splendor line up outside. The cocktail menu is heavy on timeless classics. Don’t miss the “space portal” behind the bar—i.e. a towering installation made of thousands of gin bottles. One more reason to love eclectic Singapore!