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Langosteria Bistrot

Mediterranean style & fresh seafood in Milan

Langosteria Bistrot

Via privata Bobbio 2, 20144 Milano
+39 02 5810 7802
Tue-Sun 12:00–15:00, 19:00–23:30
closed on Monday

The sister restaurant of the more formal Langosteria, which is located ten minutes away by foot and only serves dinner. But for a lunch in an informal setting, Milanese and foreign foodies gather here at the bistrot. It's perfect for a lunch with friends or family. It's even pleasant to sit on your own on at the bar, where the «catch of the day» is put on display in glass cases.

You may even end up sitting there with a friend if you don't manage to book a table in time. The choice of seafood is extensive. The waiters are very kind. The tables in the front hall are set up close to one another, in the back room you'll find more comfortable couches that have a retro feel.

We recommend: Tar-tar from three types of fish, assorted seafood. Choose any fish or seafood from the bar and you won't regret it.

Cuisine: Mediterranean specializing in seafood.

Atmosphere: Cosmopolitan.

The crowd: The fashion crowd led by bloggers and editors at lunch, enamored couples and boisterous groups of friends at dinner.

Key info: There is Wi-Fi, waiters will quickly give you the password and it won’t reset every 15 minutes, which is practically a miracle in Milan.

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