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The Yard Hotel Milano

superior concept-house

The Yard Hotel Milano

Piazza XXIV Maggio, 8, 20123 Milano
+39 02 8941 9893

The Yard Hotel looks like a designer home among the trendy shops and bars of the Navigli district. Finding it in the dark can be an adventure, but once you enter the lobby, you're rewarded with a menagerie of rich details and fascinating objects. Rare books, Louis Vuitton suitcases, and sporting artifacts are arranged throughout the room, which also contains a large, plasma TV screen and a place where guests can play backgammon and share cocktails. You could spend hours admiring the lobby's ingenious design.

The design of each room is inspired by a particular sport, such as golf, horseback riding, or rugby. The first floor contains nine suites and three rooms, several of which have a private balcony and large, French windows that open onto a communal terrace. Every room has complimentary Wi-Fi and a Nespresso coffee machine. Guests looking for more privacy might prefer the "Winch Dependance" room or penthouse No. 67, both nautical-themed and on the second floor, which feature a full kitchen, access to the wine cellar, and a private terrace.

Hotel staff are kind and friendly, as is the owners' dog, who offers a warm welcome to all guests.

The price of the room is 230 EUR per night.