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Barbican Centre

One of Europe's largest art centers

Barbican Centre

Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS
+44 20 7638 4141
Mon-Sat 9:00–11:00
Sun 10:00–11:00

A cultural center in a cult locale. The Barbican neighborhood was redeveloped along utopian lines after World War II and features some of London's finest examples of brutalist architecture; at the very least, it's interesting to look at. Moreover, the area is home to one of Europe's largest art centers, the Barbican Centre, where you'll find everything contemporary art has to offer. Gallery and theater spaces, a concert hall, educational programs, a movie theater, and a library – Barbican is a bona fide city of art.

FYI: Naturally, the Barbican Centre is accessible by public transportation, but they've also put together a map of walking routes from central London. You can walk to Barbican from almost anywhere in 30 minutes, passing places of interest along the way. It's a great option if you'd like to stretch your legs.

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