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One Block Down

the best sneakers and accessories shop

One Block Down

Piazza Armando Diaz, 2, 20122 Milano
+39 02 8454 2491
Mon-Sun 11:00–20:00

To perfect your crisp appearance, we suggest you throw in some urban flare. Cool sneakers in different models from all over the world, limited edition and even vintage shoes, plastic watches, caps, glasses with wooden frames and bright features; we found all this at One Block Down.

Lovers of street culture will find bliss here. Others, who can’t imagine life outside of a three-piece suit or evening gown, will have the chance to diversify their wardrobes. If you get lucky, you’ll find shoes that look just like they came from «White Men Can't Jump» with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. You'll find even more in the storeroom, like 90s boomboxes and other nostalgic accessories to decorate your apartment with.

A corner of the store is dedicated to Healthy Food opened from breakfast until late afternoon, and where the lunch menu is elaborated and cooked everyday.

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