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Hedonism Wines

A wine boutique for true hedonists by Evgeny Chichvarkin in Mayfair

Hedonism Wines

3–7 Davies St. W1K 3LD, London, UK
+44 20 7290 7870
вс 12:00–18:00

If you know a thing or two about wine and spirits, Hedonism Wines is simply heaven. Evgeniy Chichvarkin opened his shop in the prestigious Mayfair neighborhood several years back. He boasted that it would become a world-class affair, and he wasn't kidding. Hedonism Wines was named "London Wine Merchant of the Year" at the Decanter World Wine Awards – no small feat, you'll agree – in 2013.

Hedonism Wines is like a museum of wine. It's worth going just to gape at rare bottles costing tens of thousands (and sometimes hundreds of thousands) of pounds, as well as gorgeous labels by trendy, contemporary artists and cleverly designed bottles. The first floor is bright and airy, with big windows. They keep the most interesting bottles in special glass cabinets. But to see the real treasures, take the stairs to the cellar, where you'll find bottles that cost as much as a nice car, or even an apartment.

Fortunately, not everything costs an arm and a leg. They also sell excellent, reasonably priced wines.

FYI: Hedonism Wines carries 8,500 wines and spirits. You can also order wine online.

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