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Le Bilboquet

Parisian-inspired bistro on Upper Manhattan

Le Bilboquet

20 E 60th St, New York, NY 10022
+1 212-751-3036
Mon-Sun 12:00-16:00; 17:30-23:00
Cost: $50

This cozy, Parisian-inspired bistro – small tables, white tablecloths, postmodern art on the walls – went from 35 to 110 seats when it reopened in a new space. Le Bilboquet boasts exceptional French cuisine and an elite clientele, which has caused some to call it snobby. We can confirm only that the menu is impeccable, the guests are well-turned-out, and the owner, who goes by his first name, Philippe, conducts himself with elegance and grace.

The service is somewhat slow (We said it was Parisian-style, didn't we?), but this has no effect on the delicious saltwater mussels, so regular guests have happily migrated to the new location.

We recommend: gazpacho with lobsters; their famous Poulet Cajun (chicken prepared in butter); escalope de veau aux champignons (scallops in cream sauce with mushrooms)

Cuisine: French

Atmosphere: trendy French brasserie

Crowd: the beau monde of upper Manhattan, white-collar workers

FYI: Open for lunch and dinner only.

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