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The Broken Kilometer

Walter de Maria's conceptual installation in Soho

The Broken Kilometer

393 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012
+1 212-925-9397
Wed-Sun 12:00–15:00, 15:30–18:00

Artist Walter de Maria became famous with his conceptual installations like The New York Earth Room on 141 Wooster Street. If that's your thing, head to 393 West Broadway, where his other massive work is on display.

The art object is called The Broken Kilometer and it's a long brass rod, broken up into 500 2-meter long pieces. The pieces are assembled in rows and it looks more like a geometric instrument rather than an art piece. As one critic noted, all that's needed from a viewer is silent contemplation. You can enjoy the installation for free, but taking photos is not allowed. This work was commissioned and is maintained by Dia Art Foundation.

Key info: the artwork was created in 1979 and it's the companion piece to De Maria's 1977 Vertical Earth Kilometer at Kassel, Germany.

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