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Saint George’s Church

An Anglican church in Dempsey Hill

Saint George’s Church

44 Minden Road, Singapore 248816
+65 6473 2877

Saint George’s Anglican Church in Minden Road was constructed at the beginning of the previous century in Romanesque style with a red-brick façade featuring impressive arched windows with white shutters and an elegant white cross just below the eave.

Saint George’s Church was built for the British military forces, whose headquarters were based in the area and the constructions materials were sent directly from England. During the WWII when the Japanese army occupied Singapore the church was used as storage for the arms. Since then the building underwent a substantial reconstruction and is now listed as a national monument.

Since Singapore gained its independence the church have flourished and now represents the biggest international community of the country comprising from Africans, Australians, Americans, Indians and many other nationalities.

The history of Saint George’s Church holds an unresolved mystery surrounding the loss of its original stained windows during the war. It’s believed that at the beginning of the Japanese Occupation, the garrison chaplain removed and hid them in a secret location, which no one managed to identify ever since. The new stained glass windows were installed after the war, however the hope of finding the original ones is still alive. 

Key info: the church is open to wider public and  explorers seeking to learn more about Singapore state’s journey with services performed on Sunday at 8.00, 10.00 and 17.30.

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