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Museo Bagatti Valsecchi

A 19th century historic house museum in the Montenapoleone district

Museo Bagatti Valsecchi

Via Gesù, 5, 20121 Milano
+39 02 7600 6132
Tue-Sun 13:00–17:45
Cost: €9
Audio guide is included

This mansion turned museum is full of amazing Renaissance artefacts, but they are not the only impressive thing about it. It was founded by two brothers, barons Bagatti Valsecchi. The elder one, Fausto, was fond of high society and parties. The younger one, Giuseppe, was a stay-at-home type and a family man, a father of five kids. Despite their differences, the brothers were very close.

They enjoyed traveling and even flying air balloons, but what’s more important, they were both in love with the knights’ epoch. In the end of 19th century they decided to bring their passion to life. Fausto and Giuseppe renovated the old ancestral mansion in the center of Milan and started to collect items of medieval art and daily life. Their aim was to turn their house into an ancient castle.

At the end of the last century the mansion became a museum and now you can enjoy the great collection of chainmail, armor, furniture, ceramics, tapestries and decorative items. The interiors are preserved as well so the atmosphere is totally authentic. You are transported to two epochs at once: the 19th century when the house was refurbished and the 15th-16th centuries, which were the brothers’ inspiration.  

There are several halls and galleries in the building, including The Library, Cupola Gallery, Room of the Valtellinese Bed, Labyrinth Passage and Arms’ Gallery. Make sure to check out the Fausto’s Bathroom with gorgeous marble bath and antique faucets. The place is usually not crowded and you can peacefully enjoy its extraordinary atmosphere. When you are done looking at the mansion, head to the patio where Il Salumaio restaurant is located and enjoy the real Milanese vibe.

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