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Palazzo Invernizzi

А secret Palace in the heart of Milan

Palazzo Invernizzi

Via Cappuccini 3 20122 Milano

The private Palazzo Invernizzi residence is not a museum, but nevertheless it's extremely famous among the Milanese. This is largely thanks to the park behind the palace and its population of pink flamingos. Visitors must view the birds through an iron fence, since the public is barred from entering the grounds.

The district is called Quadrilatero del Silenzio, or the "silent district." It's a popular place to stroll, savoring the atmosphere and architecture: beautiful early 20th century villas, palaces and estates.

Palazzo Invernizzi is considered an oasis in the heart of a bustling city. In their will, the Invernizzis instructed that the park be fenced-off from the outside world. As a result, it's extremely difficult to get permission to film there, and the only person who regularly visits the park's pink inhabitants is the Invernizzis' longtime veterinarian.

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