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Grand Hotel et de Milan

Italian classic

Grand Hotel et de Milan

Via Manzoni, 29, 20121 Milano
+39 0272 3141

One of the oldest, most traditional hotels in the city, the Grand Hotel et de Milan has long catered to Europe's political and business elite, as well as celebrated composers and musicians, writers and directors. Famous guests have included Maria Callas, Luchino Visconti, and Ernest Hemingway. Giuseppe Verdi composed many of his great works in the suite that now bears his name.

Milan had cobblestone streets back then, and the unceasing din of passing carriages forced the composer to toil at night. He mentioned this to the innkeeper, who promptly had the entire street covered in straw. Many guests have since come and gone, but the hotel staff's outstanding service continues to delight. It's no wonder why so many distinguished guests have chosen the Grand Hotel et de Milan over the years. 

The price of the room is 412 EUR per night.

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