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The Smile

cozy & simple restaurant in the East Village

The Smile

26 Bond St, Manhattan, NY 1001
+1 646-329-5836
Mon-Fr 8:00-0:00
Sat 10:00-0:00
Sun 10:00-22:00

This cozy, simple restaurant is the best for breakfast ("healthy" porridge with berries is just perfect) or weekend brunch. Emphasis is placed on fresh, seasonal ingredients. The interior design is "shabby chic," featuring old, brick walls, square windows, and a faded, hanging sign outside the entrance. If you're on the street, it's easy to walk right by without seeing the stairs leading inside. In the summer, the entrance is overgrown with plants, creating the impression of an old, beloved house.

We recommend: Housemade almond butter on multigrain toast with a side of honey for breakfast. For brunch try Steak and eggs (spicy flank steak, sweet potato hash browns, fried eggs and chimichurri sauce), or the healthy choice, quinoa with zucchini. The Smile is also perfect for quick business meetings; the coffee and pastries are delicious.

Cuisine: new American

Atmosphere: cozy and laid-back

The crowd: a very diverse mix of people

Key info: Pastries and sandwiches can be ordered "to go." There's even a separate take-out menu with breakfast and lunch options.  

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