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Iconic Japanese restaurant at Goodwood Park Hotel


22 Scotts Road, Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore 228221
+65 6737 7411
Mon-Sun 12:00–15:00, 18:30–23:00
Cost: $100+

Tatsuya is the signature Japanese restaurant located in the Goodwood Park hotel. Fresh fish and seafood are brought here daily from Japan, and although Tatsuya is expensive, it’s well worth the price. Sushi, sashimi, rolls with are prepared right in front of you with surgical precision in the bar, accommodating 24 people - there is also a separate room for private dinners. The chef and owner, Ronnie Chia, is Singaporean, but many of our insiders believe he is just as talented as the Japanese masters. 

Lunches in Tatsuya are much cheaper than dinners: for example, Sushi Bento or Sashimi Bento, which includes a snack, and several types of rolls and sashimi, cost 45 Singapore dollars; but for two tender pieces of sushi with sea urchin caviar you will have to shell out $ 30. There are also “fatter” options such as the Kaiseki set for 280 Singapore dollars.

Cuisine: Japanese.

We recommend: in addition to the obvious fresh sushi and sashimi, take Saga Beef Don.

Atmosphere: authentic.

Crowd: businessmen, it-girls, foodies, expats. 

Key info: it's better to book a table in advance for lunch and dinner.

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